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TÍTULO ORIGINAL 30 for 30 Series: Once Brothers
AÑO 2010
79 min.
DIRECTOR Michael Tolajian
GUIÓN Michael Tolajian
MÚSICA Joel Goodman
FOTOGRAFÍA Michael Winik
REPARTO Documentary, Vlade Divac
PRODUCTORA NBA Entertainment
GÉNERO Documental | Deporte. Baloncesto. Guerra de Yugoslavia
SINOPSIS Documental sobre Vlade Divac, uno de los pilares de la selección yugoslava de baloncesto que tantos éxitos cosechó hace más de 20 años. Divac explica cómo su amistad con el croata Drazen Petrovic se arruinó debido a la guerra de los Balcanes, en la que Croacia proclamó su independencia de Yugoslavia. Poco después, en 1993, Petrovic, uno de los mejores jugadores europeos, que estaba triunfando en la NBA al igual que Divac, murió en un accidente de tráfico. (FILMAFFINITY)

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Once Brothers [2010]

Drazen Petrovic and Vlade Divac were two friends who grew up together sharing the common bond of basketball. Together, they lifted the Yugoslavian National team to unimaginable heights. After conquering Europe, they both went to America where they became the first two foreign players to attain NBA stardom. But with the fall of the Soviet Union on Christmas Day 1991, Yugoslavia split up. A war broke out between Petrovic's Croatia and Divac's Serbia. Long buried ethnic tensions surfaced. And these two men, once brothers, were now on opposite sides of a deadly civil war. As Petrovic and Divac continued to face each other on the basketball courts of the NBA, no words passed between the two. Then, on the fateful night of June 7, 1993, Drazen Petrovic was killed in an auto accident. "Once Brothers" will tell the gripping tale of these two men, how circumstances beyond their control tore apart their friendship, and whether Divac has ever come to terms with the death of a friend before they had a chance to reconcile.

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baloncesto que tantos éxitos cosechó hace más de 20 años. Divac explica cómo su amistad con el croata Drazen Petrovic se arruinó debido a la guerra ?