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holy diver
2nd August 2007, 14:25
1-0 Petresku


Levski fan
2nd August 2007, 18:11
I know - The PIGS or The Comunists or The Turks!All those are famous gypsis!

2nd August 2007, 18:19
I know - The PIGS or The Comunists or The Turks!All those are famous gypsis!

:shock: :?:

2nd August 2007, 18:45




holy diver
3rd August 2007, 10:06
I know - The PIGS or The Comunists or The Turks!All those are famous gypsis!

:shock: :?:

Do not worry, fella. The fans of lefski Sofia are as "great" as the sample "Levski fan" above!!!

'Cuz they are "European Footbal Loosers"

The craziest game ever seen . From 1-3 to 4-3 in 8 minutes !!! one of the greatest belgian european football moments

RFC ANTWERP - Levski(former VITOSHA)Sofia 4:3 (0:1)

(Geilenkirschen 79, Claesen 90, 92, Quaranta 90 +6 - Slavchev 6, Donkov 81,
Mikhtarski 88

Just watch that and enjoy:


3rd August 2007, 16:40
ehem...CKSA fans..."communists", "gypsies"...I saw some pics of "CSKA Front"...they're the same ideology than some levski fans: 14/88 :roll:

Levski fan
4th August 2007, 07:38
THE BIG DIFFERENCE IS that "THE PIGS" were formed in 1948 with a special ordinance of the BULGARIAN COMMUNIST PARTY. The purpose was to make sure LEVSKI the peoples team has a rival who will show that COMMUNISM is better than DEMOCRASY.LEVSKI means freedom, moral, blessing - "THE PIGS" are people who have a Communist roots. They came in Sofia from the villages, most of their fans are gypsies, Turks, stupid skinheads, loosers, drug addicts.
"Stoichkov" the "Legend" - said in an interview - I hate Bulgaria, I don't know who is CSKA, I don't give a shit about my parents!!All that is in the newspaper - facts, but I'm not surprised he was a creature of "THE PIGS".
Same ideology?????!!! you have to read more and then you can state so.


Levski fan
4th August 2007, 07:43
Hey Catalan ve esto, como le chingamos la madre a los "CERDOS" :


That was LEVSKI'S 9 win in a raw agains the PIGS!!!

The first team in the Champions League is LEVSKI the PIGS love to play in Bulgaria against teams you haven't heard!


4th August 2007, 19:00
for example:



really "delightful", ehem... :roll:

8th August 2007, 20:49
El equipo gitano/bulgaro Lefski de Sofia cayˇ eliminado en la segunda ronda previa de la Champions, en la mano del total desconocido Tampere United finlandes. Con esta humillante derrota el citado equipo gitano/bulgaro vuelve a escribir otra pagina negra en su catastrofica historia europea. Tampere United se une en el grupo de equipos-enanos que han podido con "Los Idiotas Del Football de Europa",como se les conoce a Lefski .En el dicho grupo figuran equipos como Olimpia de Eslovenia,OFI Creta, Antverp, Beweren, Aalst, Lucerne, Slovan Bratislava etc.


P.S. Lo siento, que lo pongo en esta tema, pero no tengo 15 respuestas para hacer nueva. Porfa, si alguien lo puede mover en la nueva. Todo el mundo tiene que ver este increible juego :D
Gracias en avanzado y saludos!

Приказката вече свърши, пак сте си същите цигански мърши!

9th August 2007, 19:42
edin forum imasge hubav i nego osrahte s tapite si pristrastia?I sq kato se naredihte vzaimno promenili li wi se mnenieto za drugiq otbor 4e e po dobar ot kolkoto ste smqtali???????????????

holy diver
10th August 2007, 16:49
I know - The PIGS or The Comunists or The Turks!All those are famous gypsis!

Who's started the "war", dear Rado1988? Who's explained to the forum's users the above mentioned "smart" words?

Just to mark the new "great" achievement of the "gallacticos" Lefski Sofia:

Lefski - Tampere United 0:1 ( aggregate 0:2 )

No coment, fellas and gals!

We love United(Tampere), We Do!!!

11th August 2007, 12:55
prav si ! sajelqvam 4e se obarnah kam teb !