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  1. hi

    thanks for capping the chilean league !
    could you also cap the uruguayan which is also on arenavision in , please ?

    thanks for the help

    have a nice day

  2. thanks for the chilean championship games . hope you continue . regards
  3. do not forget to record the chilean championship starting this week . thanks .
  4. do you cap jupiler league today or not?

  5. Please,tell me about it,tomorrow.

    Because i can cap 3 matches of that league this week-end , but if you cap two of them,i will cap others games
    As you said,there s hundreds games to cap over there,so i ll cap others things....
    You can cap it,but it ll be better for us,if we do not cap the same stuff i think

    There s no need for us that our work collide,in my opinion

    Thanks for you answer and your future info

    best regards
  6. hello

    do you cap jupiler league this week end?

    have a nice day
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