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  1. Because i try to earn money through incloudrive,in order to pay my driving licence.
    Galataman gave me that tip months ago

    I know you have to pay 10 euros when my files are up 1GB but that s not me that makes the s incloudrive.
    If i d choose,everyone could download my matches you know

    It s only 10 euros.....while my driving licence is 1200 euros
    Finally,i definitely earn to win some money because damn i spend a LOT of time capping and uploading my matches you know.
    I m doing that alone unlike dudes such as Ruben or Lizengxiang

    Have a nice day
  2. Why dont you upload your matches to MEGA???
  3. No i can t
    It ll be at 2 a.m for me,and these days i need to sleep
    Sorry and thanks for the interest
  4. Can you record the frindly match o f today betweem Panama and Ecuador?
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