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  1. Hi friend ,

    I've recently come across an error posting in Rojadirecta, and I'm hoping someone can help me solve it here.

    When I go to post I can not see Image verification picture and can not post

    I'm aware that Rojadirecta is just using the outdated version of CAPTCHA, but still, other people are managing to post and I suppose somehow getting around this.

    I've tried everything to 'solve' this captcha, entering variations of the text above, etc. Nothing works. I always just get "The string you entered for the image verification did not match what was displayed."

    A also can not contact admins because in order to post them, I also have Image verifcation problem.

    Friend, please contact Admin instead of me, copy paste this message, and my nick name is Nislijaa

    I am a member since 2011, everything was ok back then, but now just can not see the picture on Image verification field.

    Please help me and contact admins

    Many thansk in advance
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