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Hola. I'm going to write in English if you don't mind just for this message. I understand this topic is about secondary sports. I have a very general question to ask to you Spaniards: why is it you believe that Rugby is so dominant in SouthWest France, and the Basque country, but not really in Spain ? I realize borders change lots of things and the culture in one land, take one step on the other side of the border, and it's totally different.

But can you think of historical reasons for it ? I know one of the common answers is well football/soccer takes up so much of the time and focus, all that... but Spain has also enjoyed very good development at Basketball, good at handball, and have had good tennis players. So why just not the Rugby ?
Hello. Good question yoe91. I don't know the reasons for that fact you've mentioned. At the beginning of football in Spain I know there are some journalists talking very bad things about rugby and the injuries this sport could carry for whom plays it.

A few weeks ago Barça has won the derby against Sant Boiana (a derby with more than 80 years of History) for the first time in a lot of years!

Visca el Barça!